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Seventh International Conference of Textual Analysis

Faculty of Media of the Complutense University of Madrid

on 25, 26 and 27 March 2015.

The consolidation of the Western God monotheistic and patriarchal blurred a previous long period in which matriarchal deities occupied the top places in their respective pantheons. Their study is still pending, not only in order to increase awareness of the symbolic universes of the past, but also in order to better understand and appraise the novelty meant by the irruption of the new God that arrived to put them away in a pantheon deeply transformed by their new protagonism.

Furthermore, this theme has become a subject of topical interest, once the patriarchal God has fallen out of his dominant position. There are many questions that remain unanswered since, not only for anthropology, but also for psychology and psychoanalysis, for the History of art and the discourses of mass media, for sociology, for politics, for cultural and gender studies...

Does the fall of the patriarchal God mean the end point of the history of gods, or does it open the door to the return of more ancient divinities? To what extent do pro-indigenous, environmental and nationalistic discourses keep mythological resonances of ancient maternal deities? If the patriarchal God was the symbolic pillar on which the prestige of the paternal function was based, to what extent does his fall hinder the presence and effectiveness of that function? And above all, does the construction of subjectivity in the present world take place outside any mythological premise or, on the contrary, is this world shaped by mythological moulds that escape people's consciousness?

There is too the contemporary visual landscape, as it is shown on the web and on television, in advertising, in film and literature, in painting and in the new scene of contemporary music. Everything seems to indicate that it is there, regardless of the final assessment that can be carried out, that a certain aura of divinity invests the most varied configurations of the feminine.

This is thus a territory as wide as it is pregnant, which is ideal to guide the works of the Seventh Conference of Textual Analysis, devoted to «Goddesses» and convened by the Cultural Association Trama y Fondo, in collaboration with the Faculty of Media of the Complutense University of Madrid on 25, 26 and 27 March 2015.

As is customary in our conferences, there is only one condition in order to take part in it: that the reflections being raised must be based on and verified by the analysis of a text or group of texts.

Call for papers:

Proposals for papers will be made through the contact form on the toolbar before November 1, 2014.

Essential information on the submission of proposals:


Email Address


Institution or Company

Title of paper

Abstract (maximum 300 words)

Full papers:

Once the proposal is accepted, the author must submit before March 1, 2015 full communication. The author, if deemed appropriate, amend the text of the communication previously sent both during the presentation of the same in Congress and later, based on the discussion in the same. The reason for the request of a complete text by the deadline is simply to make possible an estimate of its value, to be taken into account when deciding its location in the days of the Congress.

Dates :

November 1, 2014: deadline for paper proposals.
November 18, 2014: date of communication of acceptance of proposals.
January 1, 2015: deadline for filing and payment of the registration date.
March 1, 2015: deadline for submission of full papers.

Conditions of registration:

Registration for each participant present communication 110 € for each of the authors thereof and for each communication.

Registration for students and unemployed is 55 €.

Registration as a wizard (entitled to certified) is 30 €.

Registration for students from partner universities is free.

Registration on-line:

Sign VII International Congress. Normal rate: 110€ / 150$

Sign VII International Congress. Students and unemployed: 55€ / 75$

Certificate of attendance at VII International Congress: 30€ / 40$